Signing Names

I completed the four and a half star assignment Signing Words.

Using my iPhone I filmed my hand using american sign language to spell out some words. I chose to spell out the name of my character.

Admittedly, the only language I’ve expressed using a single hand has been impolite. A single gesture not hard to learn at all used few and far between. Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to pick up on other hand gestures needed for this assignment. Stringing them together in a smooth fashion was somewhat difficult. So before shooting the video, I practiced signing a couple of times. The end result is seen above.

The only trouble I had was steadying my phone at an angle which would make the shot clear and with enough light. I placed my phone between two books looking at the ground underneath a lamp. The shadow to the left of my hand is derived from the surface on which my books and phone rested. With the tools I had at my disposal, ridding the shot of that shadow was impossible. It doesn’t obstruct the view of my hand however. It just looks misplaced.

In the future, I’d try to figure out how to rid my shot of that pesky shadow.

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