Love at First Banana

What a lovely couple they are! Abu and Amy are soon to be married.


Abu grew up on in the United States. He was a stage monkey who most notably appeared in the hit film Aladin. After appearing in several other films, this monkey made an appearance as an extra in the Planet of the Apes film in 2011. On set he met Amy after letting her cut in the banana line. She didn’t notice him at first. It took for him to slip and fall on a banana, which was left unattended on the floor by some reckless ape, for her to notice him. She helped him up and, they got to talking.

Fast forward a couple years later, and they can be seen in this picture on the red carpet. Why is she in a wedding dress? I have no clue. Why isn’t she looking forward? Well, she’s so smitten with him. She must be deep in thought. Couldn’t you tell? I can. And I take it as a sign that they are in love.

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