Futures Intertwined

I completed the three star assignment Tell Us About Your Future Life.

It directed us to write out the history of our future life as if it were in a textbook. Instead of writing about myself, I chose to write about my character. Here it is:

The closest instance to graduating college for Kyle was the day he found out Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant. Staying in the military until his thirties, Kyle became proficient in the use of firearms. Wanting a leisurely life, at the age of 32 he retired. Forgoing any attempt to pursue a formal education, he proceeded to travel West in pursuit of new beginnings. Finding employment as a bartender in Puggville, Texas, by the owner of the White Mule, Marlene, Kyle did not stay long. He soon wandered about, finding his way to the area which is known as Dallas in the present day. While in the area, he joined a local gang. Not much information is available pertaining to his life during this time. His last known recorded whereabouts were during a period of time where he was known as a bartender. Bar patrons recount in articles of his fierce temper keeping order. After leaving employment at the saloon, Kyle traveled back East with clandestine intentions. Riding a train outbound from Nashville going toward Memphis, Tennessee, Kyle passed away in the Great Train Wreck of 1918. There was no known next of kin.

I chose to complete this assignment at random. I was unsure of how to intertwine my character with another; and this assignment popped up on my screen, so I decided to complete it. This wasn’t too difficult. The only associated difficulty with this problem was creating my characters overall life story and somehow intersecting it with another character who happened to be Marlene. I chose Marlene because she happened to be a bar owner who I figured could employ my character, a bartender.

Overall, this assignment added to my character’s life story.

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