Character Documentary

I completed the four and a half starĀ Mini Documentary.

I applied this assignment to my character, creating a mini synopsis of the first third of his life.

I utilized Audacity and iMovie to create this movie.

With Audacity I recorded my dialogue and applied a song in the background. I imported the mp3 created with Audacity into iMovie. I explored the internet for images which best represented my characters backstory and imported them into iMovie as well. While in the movie editing application, I edited both the pictures and sound to match up with each other. The finished product is seen above.

The hardest part of this assignment was finding images that best represented my character and his story. Images of western cattle ranchers in the 1800s are few and far between which is due to the fact that photographs were expensive and rare for most people. So only a couple photographs would exist per person. I didn’t realize this fact when planning out the video or recording the audio.

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