I decided to complete the haiku poem assignment.


Writing a haiku poem about writing a haiku poem seemed interesting. Being a geology major, I generally write about things with a physical existence. I don’t write about thoughts or feelings but about the immediate physical world around me. Needless to say, this writing exercise was interesting.


I sit here thinking

What do I write for the web

No feelings come here


No emotion here

Writing a haiku is tough

What do I do now


This is not too hard

I write what comes to my mind

In short time- haiku!


It’s not as creative as it could’ve been as I didn’t spend hours brainstorming or writing. I figured I’d write what came to mind in the moments after I read the assignment. Nothing really came so I wrote about it.

I don’t have a particular feeling towards haikus. Indifference is particularly evident in the poem. Confusion comes across clear as well. I’ll get better… If I practice (will I?).

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